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elearning design + development*mobile + desktop solutions*video : audio : motion graphics : photography

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one day, very soon - it will all become clear.

about us

Wouldn't it be nice... this relentlessly changing, fast paced world to find a company that stops and listens to your needs and ideas. A company that takes away your problems rather than adding to them. People who know the latest jargon but speak in plain English. A company that delivers on its' promises and - best of all - doesn't throw your budget out the window.

Welcome to Cactus...

  • elearning design + development
  • mobile + desktop solutions
  • video : audio : photography

We may be small...

...but as the saying goes we are beautifully formed. And what is small anyway? We may not have 10 offices across 3 continents but that doesn’t stop us being big on enthusiasm, commitment and creativity. Call us and find out. We won’t put you on hold, ever - and that's a promise.

Cactus is a creative partnership specialising in the development of dynamic digital media for delivery both on and off line. Formed in 1996, by Alan & Dot Wyllie, we have a proven track record in working with clients to produce intuitive, immersive and rewarding interactive experiences.